Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO is the process of making your online store more visible in the search engine results pages (SERPs). When people search for products that you sell, you want to rank as highly as possible so you get more traffic. You can get traffic from paid search, but SEO costs much less.


SEO is a critical necessity for e-commerce websites. Your products need to rank higher than your competitors, and they need to display the right way so potential customers can find the products they need in the SERPs and choose your site to click on.


Product marketing is the process of bringing a product to market. This includes deciding the product’s positioning and messaging, launching the product, and ensuring salespeople and customers understand it. Product marketing aims to drive the demand and usage of the product.


Product marketing is responsible for developing positioning, messaging, competitive differentiation, and enabling the sales and marketing teams to ensure they’re aligned so they can work efficiently to generate and close opportunities. Product marketing is strategic marketing at the product or product-line level


Is SEO part of product marketing?

68% of B2B buyers start their research with a web search. Product marketing matters, it is how you show your prospects you understand them. Product marketing and SEO working together can drive leads and revenue. 26.5 % of B2B website leads come from SEO & 63% of B2B marketers say organic search drives revenue.


Brand promotion is the marketing communication strategy to inform, persuade, convince, and influence the decision making process of buyers when they choose a particular brand. It is done with the purpose of promoting brand awareness to create consumer’s interest.


If you want to build strong brand recognition using the inbound methodology, you need to work on your SEO, content marketing, networking, social networks and other such things. SEO helps with ALL OF THIS: Optimizing content gets more traffic and leads. Improving the social network performance builds higher engagement.


SEO branding refers to a process in which the brand of your business or company becomes an important source of organic traffic. Think about the brands that you know and love, and how they compare to smaller, lesser-known competitors within the same niche.


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